Short films


“Dating 2.0” is a short film directed by Elliot Scotto with Arlette Najsztat (Odette) and Bernard William (Jean). The story: “Odette and Jean are two sixties to whom life has not always smiled. Encountered through an Internet site, they decide to form a caustic duo. Together they invite themselves in everyday situations to brush aside preconceived ideas and rules of the new generations.”

Work in progress – Shortcom

Ongoing first season of “La Vie devant Eux” shortcom

We decided to redesign the project of this shortcom (new literary bible, new characters), now entitled “La Vie devant Eux” whose pitch is:

Pitch: «Odette and Jean, two sixties fresh out of 20 years in prison, taking advantage of their meeting together to give a second chance to enjoy life. Only if the world has changed since…not them!»

Work in progress – Feature films

Ongoing scripts of Dominique Gaillard’s feature films

DéveloppementBranches«Secret de famille» (French version) and «Family Secret» (English version).
Pitch: «a French-American couple of journalists discovered the murder of the Spanish Prime Minister a few months before the presidential elections in Spain. In their research, they find out a shocking reality…»

«Elsa Giovanni»
: «Elsa, mother of 3 children, lost her job. Upset by a film about a woman who has been living the same situation, Elsa decides to write.”

«Où vas-tu ?»
Pitch: «Isabelle, a nurse working in the intensive care unit, faces death. She will experience herself and her quest to understand the post-coma will cause her to unexpected encounters.»

“La vie rocambolesque de Lisa P.”

Pitch: «to escape her family that she is used to consider fascist, a teenager ran away. Her adventures with her cousin led her to completely change life.»