Work in progress – Feature films

Ongoing scripts of Dominique Gaillard’s feature films

DéveloppementBranches«Secret de famille» (French version) and «Family Secret» (English version).
Pitch: «a French-American couple of journalists discovered the murder of the Spanish Prime Minister a few months before the presidential elections in Spain. In their research, they find out a shocking reality…»

«Elsa Giovanni»
: «Elsa, mother of 3 children, lost her job. Upset by a film about a woman who has been living the same situation, Elsa decides to write.”

«Où vas-tu ?»
Pitch: «Isabelle, a nurse working in the intensive care unit, faces death. She will experience herself and her quest to understand the post-coma will cause her to unexpected encounters.»

“La vie rocambolesque de Lisa P.”

Pitch: «to escape her family that she is used to consider fascist, a teenager ran away. Her adventures with her cousin led her to completely change life.»